How to get around?

You can easily get around with Navionics online map and download it on your mobile phone. For online map of archipelago visit here:
For mobile app, please visit here:

Each boat has USB port for charging your mobile phone, so please bring charging cable with you.

In case of emergency:
0996 112 112 EmergenSea network call center number based in Zadar. We recommend calling this number, which will perform all the necessary actions for you and be the first to arrive at your location. Tip: Make a note of this number in your phonebook!
195 Toll-free telephone number of the National Maritime Search and Rescue Center (MRCC Rijeka or SAR). If you are making a call from a fixed or mobile network, simply dial 195.
112 Center 112 acts as a single communication center for all types of emergencies. You can call 112 at any time of the day or night, regardless of where you are in Croatia. The phone call is free, and you can make it over all mobile and fixed networks and from all telephones by simply dialing 112. Your call will be redirected to the National Search and Rescue Center.
VHF channels 16 or 17. The Harbor Master’s Offices on channel 16 are on duty 24 hours a day. For help, call the nearest Port Authority station. Most marinas on the Adriatic operate on Channel 17.

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